MSC-Members introduce themselves: SICOS

Who are you?

SICOS BW was founded by the University of Stuttgart and KIT to support companies, especially small and medium-sized enterprises in Baden-Württemberg, in utilising the advantages of high-performance computing/simulation and data analytics/AI. To this end, we provide information, e.g. via events, website, social media and the press, advise interested companies on finding the right solutions and help them find suitable partners for implementation.

Why are you a member?

The creative industry is a very exciting sector that can definitely benefit from these technologies, but is often still a long way away from utilising them in thought. As we were already involved in the preparatory project for the MSC-BW, it is only natural that we should now also become involved in the association.

What do you expect from the MSC?

Above all, we are looking forward to a lively exchange with the other members. For us, membership not only means that we want to make our technology palatable to the members, but we would also like to benefit from their creativity and jointly develop new ideas on how HPC and AI can be applied. Thinking outside the box from a more engineering-technical perspective will certainly point us in one or two new directions.

Text by Andreas Wierse