MSC-Members introduce themselves: Schauspiel Stuttgart

Who are you?

We are actually Schauspiel Stuttgart, a (so-called) division of the Württemberg State Theatre. In addition to us, there is also the Stuttgart Ballet and the Stuttgart State Opera. Schauspiel Stuttgart is one of the leading, major theatres in the German-speaking world. In the 22/23 season, it was voted theatre of the year in the annual critics' survey by Die Deutsche Bühne Theater. With around 125,000 visitors a year, approx. 350 performances, 3 venues and numerous world premieres, Schauspiel Stuttgart proves its innovative strength time and again.

Why are you a member?

Theatre is per se a very old medium and cultural medium, which has been able to develop further in its artistic possibilities and forms of expression over the centuries, particularly through technological developments. For us, the MSC is, among other things, a catalyst in the interaction between art and technology.

What do you expect from the MSC?

We would be delighted if the MSC could actively support us in the development and networking of our AI lab, which we are planning for 2025. If our plans materialise as hoped, the collaboration between Schauspiel Stuttgart and the MSC will be an excellent example of creative networking between science and art. Details and content of this wonderful collaboration will hopefully be published by the end of this year.

Text by Sven Meyer