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Fundación Épica

Fundación Épica

Fundación Épica La Fura dels Baus , is a non-for-profit private foundation, created as a new infrastructure/space for knowledge transfer and mutual learning.

Through an horizontal interaction between Arts, Humanities, Science and Technology, the Foundation promotes a sandbox for R+D+I and experimentation.

Épica is born out merging on one hand the knowledge developed throughout more than 40 years of experience by La Fura dels Baus, that goes beyond individualities and it is articulated around the collective work and the amalgamation of talent. And on the other hand, the power of Anticipatory Arts, as a catalyzer for cross research and innovation processes. Thanks to its application, and taking advantage from arts as the common language, the Foundation aims to project a center that reunites the generation of new disruptive ideas, the validation of new technologies, scientific theories, etc, through creative projects that allows knowledge transfer to society.

The central idea of the Épica method is learning through the hybridization of talents. The method makes all participants equals and together, it aims to seek the limits of the creative process. The key is to transform theory into action: learning by doing.

The R+D+I is the key area on Épica Foundation’s project. Through this, Épica aims to complement the research development with different pilot tests, real-scenario experiments, the creation of prototypes of creative, technological and scientific products and services. Thanks to the multidisciplinary environments set during the trainings, these prototypes can be devised, improved and complemented with the help of the scientific and technological team involved.

Épica’s work is articulated around specific projects shaped as workshops, that last from 2 weeks to 6 months approximately. These are aimed for people of a variety of nationalities and profiles and are always developed with a public exhibition in mind. The workshop begins with the contact and selection of different research groups in Humanities, Science and Technology, people involved to observe and provide expertise during the process and study the result for evolution, as well as, the selection of 30 workshop participants.