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A project to be submitted to the European Commision in accordance with the European Institute of Innovation and Technology Innovation Agenda (EIT) for 2021-2027 EIT turns up the volume on Creative & Cultural Industries.

The current picture

Without resorting to reality, one can, given infinite time and resources, produce all conceivable theories. One of these theories is bound to be the “truth”. To decide among them, scientists conduct experiments and compare their results to predictions yielded by the theories. A theory is falsified when one or more of its predictions fails. No amount of positive results – i.e., outcomes that confirm the theory’s predictions – can “prove right” a theory. Theories can only be proven false by that great arbiter, reality.

Core Partners
  • Media Solution Center bw e.V. Stuttgart (Project Leadership)
  • ZKM Center of Art and Culture Karlsruhe
  • HLRS High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart
  • HdM Stuttgart Media University
  • Fundación Épica La Fura dels Baus
The challenge

The audio-visual, music, design, architecture, theatre, movie theatres, visual arts, all these sectors face an increased competition from global players and the digital shift. These sectors have to innovate in order to attract new, younger and wider audiences. There is a shortage of entrepreneurship and cross-cutting skills in both emerging sub-sec- tors as well as mature ones which are now undergoing a profound digital transformation. These skills are needed for innovation and are crucial in the new labour market.

In the XXI century, disruptive innovation appears from multiple-disciplines knowledge share. Promote synergies between science, tech and CCI, as the future of CCI. Open the market potential of the CCI in other verticals and XXIst century challenges (SDG).